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Should You Use VOIP Instead of Landline Phones?

Many people might wonder why you need to use VOIP instead of a traditional landline. Thanks to Skype, VOIP has become popular. Skype is a service that allows you to use your computer to talk to friends over your broadband internet connection. Today, most cable TV and phone companies offer deals on VOIP handsets.

The reason these are popular is because, in many locations, the old phone company has a monopoly on landline service. Calls between cities in the same county are still considered long distance and don’t start looking at the cost for international long distance calls. With many landline companies, costs are steep. But, what is VOIP? VOIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is a way to talk to others over the internet.

The reason VOIP is popular is because it can cut down on costs and still allow you to contact your family and friends. The one problem with the first VOIP services, like Skype, was that you could not get a local number. For example, Skype might not offer a Skype-In number in your state, which means if someone calls you they have to pay for a long-distance call. That’s not an attractive option.

If you use a service like Voice Me Up and Call Centric, you can get a local number. These services offer a transportable local number. That means no matter where you live in the world, you can receive calls as if your phone was still in your local number location.

How does it work? Let’s say the VoIP IP phone can be plugged into a router in Asia. When someone in the US calls, they will dial a local US number. The phone will ring in Asia. Your friend will pay the same cost for the call as if they were calling you at home.

Benefits of VOIP

This is cool for people who travel around a lot. This allows you to stay in touch with people without them having to pay international long distance call rates. Also, it allows you to stay in contact with your business associates back home.

All you have to do to stay in touch with everyone is to contact everyone advising them of your number change, then you’ll receive your calls, using your IP phone, as though you were still at home. Most services offer the opportunity to keep your current phone number, which is best. To make the switch, you have to pay a one-time fee.

These VOIP services are plug and play, although you may need to configure your router. Service providers are available to help with this. You may also have to remember that you’ll be paying for the calls you make or receive. This means you’ll be paying for your incoming calls, which is something you may not be used to doing.

This will not be an issue if you’re aware of how much you like to talk. Luckily for those who like to talk a lot, most VOIP services offer plans that can offset some of these costs.

Why Your Business Needs a Hosted PBX Solutions

Telephone services have also evolved with the competition in the business industry. In fact, a telephone service has become more than just a dial tone. More and more novel features are added onto the basic telephone of yesteryear. Hosted PBX solutions are fast replacing the traditional telephone system worldwide. The latest research reveals that the cloud-based PBX and unified communications market will reach $12 billion in 2018. This is because of the numerous benefits offered by hosted PBX solutions. This read provides information on some of the most important benefits of hosted PBX solutions.

One of the major benefits is the low hardware and servicing cost involved in hosted PBX solutions. You will not need a large upfront investment as well as maintenance and service personnel to manage the system. This saves a lot of upfront costs when using a hosted VoIP PBX solution. The customer experience is enhanced with the introduction of hosted PBX services. This is another important benefit of these systems. These systems allow businesses to serve various clients across the globe with much more efficiency compared to traditional phone systems.

A hosted PBX system will allow your employee to work from any place he/she chooses. Whether it is from office, home, or a local coffee shop, employees can work from anywhere, anytime, and any device they choose. In fact, a business call placed from a mobile could appear as if it came from the employee’s desk. Also, one device can support two numbers. Advanced calling features are important to fulfilling client and employee demands in this day and age. The latest PBX systems come with numerous features such as voicemail, remote call management, email, music on hold, voice messaging, directory, and auto attendant. These features will allow a business to provide a better and quick service to their clients. These are important benefits of a hosted VoIP system.

One of the most important advantages of a hosted PBX system is the ability to expand the system as your business grows. This is where this system differs from on-premise phone systems. In fact, a hosted system will allow the user to easily add or remove lines depending on the growth of their business. You will not have to make any additional investment for this purpose. On top of that, you actually pay for what to use. Reliability is an important feature guaranteed when you invest in a hosted PBX system. There are businesses that cannot afford to lose their valuable clients due to downtime and faults with the phone system.

The hosted PBX system is much more reliable compared to on-premise systems in this regard. That is why you need to invest in such a system without further delay. Voice quality of hosted PBX systems has increased with the latest technology used in the industry. In fact, many clients think that PBX systems have a lower voice quality compared to on-premise systems. But this is not true in anyway. In fact, the latest PBX systems are much superior when it comes to voice quality compared to on-premise systems.

You can control the costs on call distance calls when you have a hosted PBX system. Long distance calls are normally expensive whether you use a hosted or on-premise system. But hosted systems give you more leverage to control the costs associated with hosted solutions. These are some of the most important advantages of shifting to a hosted solution compared to the traditional on-premise phone systems.

With numerous hosted PBX service providers on the market, how will you choose the right one for your business? There are many important things to consider in this regard. You should do the necessary research before choosing the best hosted solution provider on the market. But how do you perform extensive research in this regard? This is where the World Wide Web comes in handy. You should perform extensive research by searching Google or any other search engine. You may come across a host of providers for such a search. Do some background check of each company that you come across before picking the best service provider for your business. This read offers information on the important advantages of hosted PBX systems.